Monday, August 16, 2010

They're back, it's true.

Lots has happened since my girls got back. But the most notable? The first day of school of course.

(2 is notoriously missing from this post, but not to worry. Rest assured that she did, in fact, start school as a Junior at Mesa High. She will be monopolizing my Fall posts, I'm afraid, so this one is just for 3 and 4.)
5th grade and 3rd grade, respectfully.
3rd grade? Please don't be in 3rd grade already little 4. Do you really have to be in 3rd grade? You ARE kind of small, maybe we should go back to 2nd. Nothing wrong with a year of skating through, right?
A couple of notables: Neither girl has her best friend in her class. V for 3, and E for 4.
4 was crushed, and she desperately runs out to the playground as soon as the bell rings for recess and lunch to reunite with E.
3 secretly told me that she was glad. When V is in her class they talk to each other and get S's for citizenship instead of O's. She wants an O this year. She wants it bad.
But make no mistake, when the recess bell rings she saunters on out as quickly as she can while retaining every ounce of her coolness to hang out with V. Oh, 4 and her V.
You just can NOT teach this kind of adorableness.
You either have it, or you don't. That's just how it is.
And I think we can all agree that this level of cool, superior awesomeness needs no caption.
Just bask in it.....

The best bus stop ever. In the history of the World. (Each one a Franklin Firebird, or in the case of Miss Paige, a future Firebird)
Dear 3 and 4:
You go girls!!
Mommy loves you.

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