Sunday, August 8, 2010

That Girl of Mine.

So this is what happened.

I was driving on my way to my Corporate America cubicle last Thursday morning, when my phone rang. It was 2.

2 and I had previously had an argument, um, discussion. It was an argument, um, discussion that we have had before, and will probably have again.

Anyway, my phone rang, I saw that it was her, and I have to be honest and say I almost didn't answer. I'm kind of tired of having the same argument, um discussions with 2 sometimes. All you mothers of teenagers out there, am I right?

I answered. Of course I answered. I braced myself. I took a deep breath. And this is what she said: "Hi Mom!" She always says "Hi Mom!" With an explanation mark at the end. I love it when she does that.

"Mom, is tomorrow you and Todd's Temple night?"

"Yes" I answer, giddy that the argument, um, discussion is not making a reappearance.

"Can we all go together?" "As a family?" "And do baptisms?"

(disclaimer. If you aren't Mormon and you read my blog, please ask your nearest friendly Mormon, or me if you are close to me, what this means)

Of course my Mother's heart was thrilled. Of course I said yes. And Me, 2, and The Husband went to our Temple night together. On a Friday night. And did baptisms. As a family.

Is my girl incredible, or what? And I bet YOU have a kid like her too.

This is 2 and The Husband on our way in. The Temple is gorgeous in the background. And the clouds are The Bomb.

After baptisms? We went here and ate: (We l.o.v.e. it here)
Oh, and I wore these socute new flats. Hot pink with a bow. They looked awesome.
Dear 2:

You are incredible.



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