Wednesday, August 4, 2010

1, 4, 2, and 3. In that order. Just to be different.

Just look at these baby girls.......

They are each six months old in these pictures.
There are a few good things about having OCD:
1: My babies have every picture they are supposed to have. 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, you get the idea.
And 2: My oldest baby is 12 years older than my youngest. Yet notice that they all have the exact same theme going on here. White background, white chair, one piece outfit, bare feet. If you think this is coincidence you do not know anyone afflicted with OCD.
For some reason, these pictures make me want to start singing that Sesame Street song, remember? "Which one of these is not like the other, which one of these is not the same?"

But I won't. She gets singled out enough for looking different.

But still, the song does stick in my head, I'm not gonna lie.

Fun Facts about my babies:
  1. Instead of getting bigger, they got smaller. 8lbs, 7lbs, 7lbs, and 6lbs. In that order. Weird.
  2. 1 potty trained herself at exactly the age of 2. I'm not lying. That really happened.
  3. I thought all babies potty trained themselves when they turned two.
  4. I found out 4 years later that they don't.
  5. 2 is a level 10 gymnast. That means she can flip and flip and flip, even on a 4" beam. Yet two was my very last walker, at 14 months. Very curious, don't you think?
  6. I put sponge curlers in 3's hair when she was 3 days old. And they rolled more than once around.
  7. You can't really tell in these pictures. But 4 is kind of a copy of 2. And I love that. Who wouldn't want to look like 2?
  8. 1 pretty much slept through the night from the first week she got home. To this day, she is an awesome sleeper, just ask Carver. Once, she rolled off the couch when she was about 2 and that didn't even wake her up. That really happened.
  9. I thought all babies just came home from the hospital and slept through the night after a couple of days.
  10. I found out about 4 years later that all babies don't come home from the hospital and sleep through the night after a couple of days.
  11. 3 is a whole different color than the other three. Isn't that awesome?
  12. 4 went on vacation when she was about two months old, to the beach. That doesn't mean the vacation was planned already and then she kind of snuck in on me. Well, maybe it does a little. We dragged that newborn all over California. I think some people there are still talking about me.
  13. 2 loved the bink the best. I wanted them all to love it, but the rest merely liked it.
  14. 3 was my earliest walker. 9 1/2 months. NINE and a HALF months. That's so not cool 3.
  15. They are all stinking cute. I was always scared to have a homely baby. Thankfully, they all came out looking like this. Good work girls.
  16. Mommy loves them all. What I wouldn't give to have one day, one hour with them each the day of these pictures. I would give almost anything.

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