Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Everything You Need To Know About Her.

It's true.

Anyone who knows her will tell you it's true.

Everything you ever needed to know about 1 is in this picture.

A few other things about 1:

**She plays basketball every Thursday night at the church with her Uncle Tony and a bunch of other sweaty old men. Not that Uncle Tony is necessarily old. But he is sweaty.

**Now that she is back all the Saturday work mostly gets done before noon. This really happens. This is something I have never accomplished. She is my hero.

**Sometimes, when she is sitting on the couch with me, I just keep staring at her and staring at her because I can't believe she is back and I am afraid she is going to disappear. The next time she leaves her Mother it better be on my terms. Sadly, I'm 90% serious about this.

**She is the best oldest girl in the world. Having her back with us is bliss. Except when she picks fights with 2 over things like how loud her radio is. 1's radio I mean. 2 gets mad because 1's radio is so loud. 2 is 17. I'm sorry, but that is funny. It wasn't funny to 1 and 2 today, but I was laughing hysterically on the inside.

Dear 1:

I will love you forever, just the way you are...... don't ever change.


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