Sunday, February 27, 2011

What We Did.

Friday Night.

I went to the temple by myself. Well, kind of by myself. The Husband didn't come because he couldn't get off work in time, but half my ward was there.

We were there for our newest Harmony Park Missionary. He is about to leave for two years to serve his Heavenly Father and the people of Birmingham, Alabama.

The Temple experience was spectacular.

And when I came out, along with half of my ward and our new Elder, who was there?

My Girl, of course. Sitting out there all by her little self waiting for me. Well, maybe not me. Maybe she was waiting for Elder Handsome since she has been dating him these past several months.

Now that I think about it I am almost sure she was there to greet him and not me.

Oh well, I still snagged a date with her for thin-crust pizza at Sauce. So I consider that a victory.

Dear Elder Handsome:

Thank you for being so awesome. You are such a great example to everyone around you, and we are all SO proud of you. I have enjoyed having you in my home these past months. I especially appreciate the way you have treated my girl. We will really miss you.

Sister Hughes
Saturday Afternoon:

Did you know that they have honor choir for Elementary School aged kids? You know, like when you are in Junior High or High School and you try out for the District honor choir and it is a big deal if you make it?

Well, they have it for the younguns too. And My Girl was chosen to participate. Only 3 to 4 kids from each Elementary in the District were chosen by their respective music teachers. It was quite an honor.

Saturday afternoon was the concert. And let me say this; You really could tell these were the best of the best singers. It was quite impressive. And she had a really good time.

Dear 3:

Holy Toledo girl! You are a spectacular girl with a spectacular spirit and a spectacular voice. And you have spectacular hair. I can't believe how good you sounded today! Thanks for being My Girl.

Saturday Afternoon Continued:

Just a couple of shots for me. Kind of a little pick-me-up......

Saturday Night:
Did you guys know that Mesa High School is in the State 5A semifinals for basketball? Well now you do. The quarterfinal game tonight was a nail-biter. So FUN. I love watching My Girl do her thing. I just do.
Dear 2:
Thanks for being a cheerleader so that The Husband and Me can come and watch all the high school sports without feeling like teenager stalkers, since we have no boy athletes in our family. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

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