Sunday, April 24, 2011


There is this one girl. I'm going to call her 5. I love her so so much. She has been 2's best friend since they were bouncy little 4th graders and fellow level 6 and 7 and 8 and so on at Desert Devils Gymnastics. This is her:
Oh my gosh she is so cute. Anyways, she is with us a lot.

She is the girl who can just show up and stay a few days and it doesn't matter when it is or what we are doing, she is allowed. 2 doesn't have to ask. She is always allowed. I have four daughters. Through the years they have had millions of friends. And 5 is the only girl who has always been allowed at my house for any length of time with no notice and no asking ever. That is a true story. That is how much I love 5. Sadly, she lives several miles away and she goes to Red Mountain High School. I know, the humanity. But somehow they power through and they are still BFFFA. (That is best friends forever for always for you people who sadly missed the 80's)

Can you spot 5 in the picture below? This is when they were cute little level 8's at DD. Remember when I said that 1/2 of a percent of all girls who start gymnastics make it to level 8, and then less than that make it to 10? These 2 were in that 1/2 of a percent. That is why they just get each other. They just do.

She is on the bottom left if you don't recognize her. Cute little 5.

On another note. I have had lots of people asking me just how good was 2 in gymnastics. I don't have any edited video of 2. But here is a cute little girl doing a level 8 vault. The same vault the cute little girls in the picture were doing when they looked that cute.

And here is a cute older girl doing a level 10 vault. 2 was a level 10 when she had to stop.

Anyways, that is just vault. But that's how tricky they were.

So back to 5 and 2 and the point of this post. 2 got asked some time ago to Mormon Prom, and we aren't supposed to call it Mormon Prom, it has some long title with the words formal and multi-stake in them but its really the Mormon Prom. Anyways, 2 got asked some time ago by the Handsome Boy standing next to her.

She was excited.

Fast forward a month and she met this other boy and oh my gosh he is so awesome and they can't get enough of each other and they are totally in like and can't be apart for a whole entire night.

So she recruits her new BOYFRIEND to take 5 to the Mormon Prom and they all double-dated and they were all very happy and had a super fun time.

And 2 and the BOYFRIEND didn't have to be apart for an entire night and 5 got to sleep over at my house

And 5 makes me happy. And that's the other part of this post.

Dear 5:
You will always be allowed at my house. No matter the day. No matter the time. Sometimes I wish in my head (not out loud, because that would be rude) that one or both of your parents got a job in Turkey and you didn't want to go and you had to come live with me.


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