Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Day (at least one) of Them Dread. But Then They End Up Feeling Good About It.

First of all, we went here for breakfast. Because we were starving.
Then we headed over here......
Armed with several miniature ones of these:
The girls ran around with their flags, like every year, and found war veterans graves who didn't already have a Memorial Day memento. And there we left them.

And then we visited him. I know he's not there. But I like to visit his spot twice a year or so. He is my same age cousin. Grew up in the same hood, went to the same schools. In the same grade. Could not have been more opposite. But we dug each other
Back in the day the boy looooooved Pink Floyd. So I try to leave him a little something pink when I go.

He was not supposed to go so soon. Cancer. Sucks.

Here he is with Amber. (Who is my FIRST cousin. And his wittle sistew. OOOOOOOOH Ambeeeeew. You soooooo coooooooot)
First of all, for the most part I'm not a child abuser. But this I do. They have been screaming and crying about this forever. Some of them anyways. But then I hear them talking about it later and I know it makes them think and I know it makes them feel. Most of all I want it to make them remember. And stay a true Patriot. And a Republican of course.

I only make them watch the beginning. When they storm the beach. Don't call CPS, I turn down the volume when the bad words come, I know exactly when they are. Anyways, I make them watch. I don't let them look away.

And then we talk about it. How it, according to the men who stormed the beaches themselves, is a spot on portrayal of what it was like. That it really happened. That these men helped save the World, and our Country. And we talk about their sacrifice. And if it wouldn't have been for them we would probably be speaking German. And so on. And as long as I have kids in my house this will keep happening.

Thank goodness they made this movie.

And then, to make up for it. We went and saw this movie:
And they got all the popcorn and candy they wanted. And I sat in the middle of 3 and 4. And Holy Sheesh Johnny Depp is cuter in this movie than in the last. How did that even happen?

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