Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The day I joined the 3% Club. AKA percentage of families with 4 kids or more of the Same Gender.

Couple things:

* I don't know what I was thinking with my hair. Maybe hanging on to The Rachel a little too long? Don't judge me, my town had 900 people in it. NINE HUNDRED. No one there knew any better anyways.

*A double chin? Double check. I have never been a skinny pregnant person and I sure as heck wasn't skinny shortly after childbirth. My body made a baby people.

*2 looks e.x.a.c.t.l.y. the same.

*At this point in the game, I was positive that 1 would reach the six foot height which was predicted by doubling her 20 month height. They say that it is 95% effective. It did work for 2. It did not work for 1. I'm pretty sure she never grew another centimeter after this picture. She remains exactly 1" shorter than me.

*Is it normal in this day and age to be taller than your daughters? Shouldn't at least one of them be taller than me? It's not like I'm a giant, I'm 5"6" for crying out loud. Don't let me down 3.

*4 came out looking exactly like 2. I was sure she would be a cookie cutter. She isn't.

*None of my girls look strikingly alike. Kind of weird. Also kind of awesome.

*Exactly 12 months after this picture, I would be free of the reason my eyes look dead in this picture and the 900 people for.ever. Thankfully.

*These beauties are the reason for everything I do. Everything.

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