Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Friday in the Front Yard. And then a Picture that isn't in the front yard.

Well this picture isn't in the front yard. But it's the front of Carver. And that is a better front.
2 and 5. Another double date. 2 is sticking with the same date. 5 isn't.

3 serves the volleyball onto the roof 8546 times a day. That really happens. Must be working because 3 got invited to play on the 12-year-old Mesa Club team in a tournament this weekend. She isn't even in the club. Or 12. It was quite a coup for 3. She will definitely be in the club come Fall.

1 likes to make sure 3 understands who she is.

And then 3 likes to makes sure 1 understands that 3 isn't scared of her.

Have you all noticed the swing in my yard? Well everyone else on the planet has. And they all swing on it. Which is pretty cool. Because that means we are the cool people with the yard where everyone swings.

1 is weird.

4 is gorgeous. And perfect.

And apparently, somewhat irritating.

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