Thursday, July 14, 2011

The BH's.

Did you know that I am the Beehive advisor in Harmony Park?

I totally am.

And guess who is my next Beehive to grad from Primary?

That's right. It's TOTALLY 3. And if you know me at all you know that I am just a little bit excited that she can't go off without me just yet. Poor little 3. Lucky little me.
This mutual was supposed to be making and taking in a dinner to someone. But after LT and AS scheduled themselves out of mutual, it quickly morphed into making brownies with a thank you note, and distributing them to various neighborhood SuperStars.

Note to everyone: Beehives + complicated rocky road brownie recipe = a couple of teenage meltdowns.

Still, it was fun.

I love them Beehives. I really do.

Dear LT and AS:

I have it on my schedule to forgive you a week from Friday. Please, no calls until then.

Thank You.

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