Monday, July 18, 2011

I don't like technology. I don't care.

Today was The Husband's day off. Instead of projects and heat, we decided to go on a day trip. To somewhere we have never been.
I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I have been all over Eastern and Central Arizona, and up I-17 so many times I would probably drive off a cliff if I had to count.

But I have never veered West. So today we veered West. And we went to Sedona.

This post has nothing to do with Sedona.

Remember I told you I had to get a new phone? I did.

Not a happy day for me.

I always get the phone The Husband gets, so he can figure it out for me and teach me how to use it. Even though he is always there for me, I still hate getting new phones and having to learn how to operate new technology. I really, really, do. I had my Blackberry down to a science. Oh Blackberry, please come back.

It's not coming back.

So I have been having a miserable week figuring out my new phone. My stupid fancy new phone with some stupid fancy camera in it.

On the day trip, I thought I should take some pictures. I mean, we were on a day trip. You take pictures. That's how it works.

So we start posing and I start clicking. But I seriously can't figure it out. It seems to click when I'm not trying too and I can never get a head in the shot.

We were honestly laughing so hard we couldn't breathe. All because my stupid fancy camera in my stupid fancy phone knew I couldn't work it. And I couldn't. This is honestly the best I did. And I took like 25 pictures.

Don't feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for The Husband. For real.

So we get home. I plug my phone into my computer. The same exact stupid way I did two stupid days ago. Only two stupid days ago my pictures downloaded perfectly.

This stupid day they didn't.

I started crying. Real live tears. I said things like "No one needs this much technology!!!" and "I'm taking this back tomorrow and getting a flip phone."
The Husband was patient. He calmly came in, rubbed my back, figured it out, downloaded my pictures, tried not to laugh. You know, because I was crying.

As he was leaving, he asked if I needed anything else. I told him all I needed was 1985 back.

And I meant it.

On another subject: Sedona was pretty, I'm really glad we went. It is regularly ranked in the top ten of most beautiful places in America. And that really confuses me. Have the ranking people never visited Southern Utah?

It's a lot redder, a lot prettier, a lot cheaper to visit, and the people are a lot better looking.

Case in Point......Sedona:
Kanab, Utah:
Maybe someone should call them and let them in on the secret? The ranking people? Just saying....

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