Sunday, July 31, 2011

Monsoony Habooby

This is a picture of our recent Habooby.

I think the scientists call it a Haboob.  But Habooby is much more American and much less Middle Eastern of a name, don't you think?

This isn't a special effect.  This really happened.  To us.  This month.  In the middle of the afternoon.
Habooby's aren't normal, even for us.  And I'm ok if it never happens again in my lifetime.  Huge mess.

Monsoons ARE normal though.  And we love, love, love the Monsoony's.

We get very excited, we drop what we are doing, and we run to the windows and doors.

Kind of like this:
It's kind of dark, but we had a fabulously hard Monsoony tonight.  It's the only time the kids can stop doing the dishes to go outside, and it's the only time they can stand with the door open EVER.

The louder the thunder the better. 

I know our weather may seem weird to you.  But really, we are just backwards.  We stay in for a few months in the summer, you stay in for a few months in the winter.  The difference is, we get 6-7 months of absolute pa.ra.dise.  And you just get a hot sticky summer.

I think that means Arizona wins.


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