Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sometimes I slack. But really I'm not.

I will never forget this one time, many, many years ago.  1 was probably 6 or 7 and 2 was 2 or 3.  3 and 4 were in Heaven working on my mind and convincing me I wanted more babies.  This eventually worked.

Anyways, some friends of ours came over with their little girl, who was probably 4 or 5.  We were all hanging out, having an awesome time, when the little visitor girl threw a giant fit.  An unruly, ridiculous, giant fit.  You know, the kind that 4 or 5 year olds throw.

1 and 2 stared at her, horrified.  They knew that any second, that girl's mom or dad was going to spank her butt.  And it was going to huuuuuurt.

They didn't spank her butt.  1 and 2 were confused.  Why wasn't her butt spanked?  Why was she allowed to act like that?  To speak to her Mother like that?  What in the world was going on?
 That was one of the first times when I realized I was raising my kids ala 1953, and most of the rest of the world wasn't.  I'm not saying I went around systematically spanking butts or anything.  In fact, most of my girls have hardly ever gotten a butt smackin.  And if they do, they are very few and far between, and trust me they deserved it.  What I did go around systematically doing, is expecting my little girls to behave. 

They are expected to behave.  Never speak disrespectfully to me or any other parent. Be respectful and courteous at all time to adults, especially teachers and coaches.  Even if they didn't agree with them. Be courteous when visiting other people's homes.  When in a group of adults, don't speak unless you are spoken too.  And never, ever interrupt.
 Like I have told them and told them and told them.  If I let them treat me badly and be disrespectful to other adults, I wasn't doing them any favors.  Plus, Hello!  If I endured 40 weeks and 50 pounds worth of pregnancy, and then the next 20ish years taking care of their every physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual need, there is no way in HECK they were going to be snotty to me.  No. Way.

Dear Mom:
Sorry for all of the times that I was super snotty to you.  You should have slapped me across my face, I would have totally deserved it.
 Anyways.  The moral of my story here is that I have expected good behavior, and, for the most part, I have received it.  There are a couple of my girls, with personalities more similar to mine, that tend to butt heads with me a little more.  But even then, they get it.  And they have turned into respectful, likeable, socially acceptable girls.  And it really hasn't been that hard.
 I drew a super big smile on my face because I'm super happy about 4's fit.

I get accused alot of slacking off with 4.  But I don't, not really.  So she is crying in every picture that has ever been taken of her.  That doesn't mean she runs around breaking rules in school and forcing her coaches and teachers to taser her or anything.  It just means she is the baby of the fam.  That's all.  And here's a fun fact for 1, 2, and 3, if you are reading, this girl ALWAYS gets O's in citizenship.  So remember that the next time you complain.  And then pull out your report cards and we will start comparing citizenship grades. 

That's what I thought.
This was a rambling post.  And it may or may not have been brought on by watching the latest episode of Toddlers and Tiaras. 

But I just want to shout to the world that I am happy with my 1953 parenting.  I'm happy that I expect these girls to behave.  I'm ok with the fact that they are a little scared of me when they have pushed to far.  Shouldn't they be?

Heck yes.

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  1. Well, at times, you got your butt spanked, so I guess you come by it honestly. It's so hard with that first child who comes to you with a personality all her own, and with no instruction manual! I believe you have overcome all my mistakes and have become a wonderful, wise woman. I know it's the pits when you finally understand your mother! LOL


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