Monday, July 11, 2011

They Left.

They climbed up into a white truck and drove away. Not to be seen again for two weeks, when I will drive to Utah and collect them.

I'm okay with it really.

In years past, I would run around the house naked and giggle. For about a week. Then I would watch movies and go to the movies and go to lunch and wake up whenever I wanted. And that would last 2 weeks. And then I would be completely miserable for the rest of the time until they would come home.

But now, I have FG and FB, so sadly, the naked part is off the table. And two weeks only? Two weeks I can handle.
I will miss them. But it will be nice to go back in time to when my oldest child is 2 and I have a baby. I can pretend that I'm a young Mom without a care in the world. My biggest worry will be if the baby pooped today.

Young Motherhood. It was good.

But I wouldn't go back permanently, not really. Even though my oldest girl is a grown-up and the next one may as well be, and that kind of makes me sick to my stomach, I'm glad to be where I'm at.

Dear 2:

No, I didn't forget that you are still here. But with your work schedule and your cheerleading schedule and your skype schedule and your sleeping schedule and your shopping schedule, you may as well be a state away.

Come say hi to me from time to time. My room is straight down the hall, to your left.


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