Tuesday, August 16, 2011

School Started. In the Midst of My Celebrations, I forgot to Post.

School started last week.  If you are one of those parents who don't wake up for the last two weeks of summer with a happy clock doing a countdown in your heads, you'd better stop reading now.

I mean, no offense if you home school.  But why?  Why with a capital W?  Not me..... I prefer to shove those girls out into the hard, cruel world.  Well, maybe 2.  3 and 4 go to Franklin East, which is kind of like Mormon East.  But all in good time girls, all in good time.

And what is so wrong with that anyways?  They have to learn how to maneuver in the world sometime, right?  Kids can't grow up in a bubble.  I mean, they can, but they just turn out judgemental and a little weird.

As long as they have a home filled with the Spirit of love, family, and Christ to come home too, they need to get out there and figure the world out, be good examples, learn to love all kinds of people, right? 

Just look at my Precious.  She is in 4th grade.  It sickens me.  She refused to wear a new pair of pants to school on the first day, instead choosing her old favorites.  She wore them again yesterday.  I don't want to talk about it.  But her shirt looks awesome. And you can't see it, but the girl knows how to accessorize. Her necklace was spot-on for the ensemble.

2 is a senior.  A SENIOR you guys.  And she isn't even my first kid.  Holy crap I need to lose weight.

She is totally digging student council.  She has been back to school for like 3 weeks already.... planning, plotting, cleaning, organizing.  Student council kids work hard ya'll....  (I just thought I would throw in a ya'll because a) I used to say ya'll after living in Florida and Virginia and b) Missionary Jaymen threw one out in an email the other day and I cried about it for an hour because it was so cute.)
3 is in sixth grade.  That means she is too cool to even speak to me.  Except when I make her.  Please notice that her backpack is a knock-off Dolce & Gabbana bag scored in New York last fall.  That's right. That is exactly how cool she is.

I have tried and tried and tried to impress on this girl how lucky she is to be able to share tops with 2.  Not pants because that boat has sailed.  Meaning 3 is bigger than 2.  2 is such an awesome sister, she hooks 3 up every day, and even spends her own money shopping with 3 in mind.  I think she gets it, especially when she looks this good.......

Dear 2,
I really, really, really, really love you.  A whole lot.
xoxoxo Mom
Please excuse the fact that my beautiful, perfect, golden, breathtaking beauty is getting her first day of her last year of high school pictures taken in front of our trash cans. I may or may not have been in my unders and this was as far as I could venture.

Sometimes I want to smack myself.

She is such a good girl; self-propelled, always doing exactly what she should.  She works hard at school, she works hard at work, and last Saturday she worked hard cleaning the kitchen. It was a good moment for me.

This is where she will be hanging out, Monday - Friday, from 7 to 12.  In case anyone wants to go and say hi or anything.

Hopefully the year goes by slowly.  I'm not ready to have two graduated girls.  She needs to wait until I'm ready. 

Dear 2 Again:
I will let you know when I am ready.  Go slow until then.  Please.  For me.
xoxo, Mom

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