Saturday, September 10, 2011

75% Of My Little Girls Aren't Little Anymore.

She turned twelve.

On Friday.  September 9th.  She turned twelve.

I told her no more parties.  Maybe an activity with a friend.  She ignored me and planned a party anyways.  And to her credit, it was very fun and very inexpensive.  So we had a party.  But that is the last one and I mean it.

 As I have watched her near this birthday, my heart has been torn in two.  One half so happy and so excited and so proud.  The other half completely broken.  Because she isn't little anymore. She will never crawl into my lap or trust me with her secrets or think I am perfect.  Those days are gone.

She is, by Mormon definition anyways, a Young Women.   A beautiful, poised, Young Women.

She has been looking forward to this birthday for ages.  She has prepared and waited and planned and  been patient.  And now it has happened.  And she is ecstatic.  I am getting close to being okay with it.  But her?  She is ecstatic.

My girl.  My big girl.
 Dear 3:

I am so proud of you!  What a good girl you are!  You are funny and pretty and poised and exciting and happy and everything else good in the world.  I'm sorry and thrilled at the same time that I get to be your Beehive advisor.  Sorry for you, kind of, and thrilled for me, absolutely.  But I WILL tell you this; It is going to be fun girl, so get ready!

Love Forever,

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