Monday, October 24, 2011

She Has My Heart.

Remember J2?  This girl who is the exact same age as 2 and they have grown up together and now they are in High School together?  Does life get any better than that?  Oh, and they are cousins.  And they love each other.

We love J2 so much.  Maybe it's because I'm not so good at establishing boundaries with my nieces and nephews.  And I think they are my own kids.  And their Mother's probably get really irritated but somehow don't slap me.  I don't know.  But I love this girl.
She started out in Dance when she was little.  Please.  So not for her.  So she moved on to gymnastics, a couple years earlier than 2 even.  They both had gymnastics careers, at different gyms, sometimes in different states, but it was so much fun having them do the same thing.

Then they both decided to take a break.  They were done.

Then they both missed it.  2 went back hard core, as previously documented.  J2 tried out a new sport, T & T.  Just for fun.  And she was so fun at it that she went to Nationals and did awesome.

But that's the kind of girl she is.  Like her brother before her, she will dominate any sport there is. And where did she land?  Volleyball of course.  Here is where I tell you that J2 is only 5'7".  On a good day, that is.   Does she play front?  Why yes, she does.  Does she play middle, even though she should be 5 inches taller?  Why thanks for asking, because yes she does.  Have colleges approached her and begged her to play for them next year?  All 5"7" of her?  Yes they have.

And that's our girl.
And here are my little Beehives (minus sweet Jessica) cheering on J2 at the last home game. Because J2 is in my ward, so that is totally allowed.  Except we would have been there no matter what ward she was in.  I'm a rebel like that.

Dear J2:

Don't grow another inch.  My favorite thing is when they don't even see you coming, and then you are all up in their business.

Aunt M

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