Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Checklist Five. Student Council Kids Work Hard Ya'll.

 Mesa High's 2011 Winter Formal.  Check and Check.

Picture with her date in front of the fridge and the dryer.  Check.

2 is a deliberate date asker you guys.  She thought long and hard about this one.
And she picked this boy, D, because he is a brand new convert to the church and she 
wanted him to get immersed in the culture.  You know, a super long hangout with lots of other Mormon kids. I was proud of her. Plus he is very cute and a state champion wrestler (I'm not sure why that matters but in our family it kind of does) and when he came over he sought out Hughes and introduced himself and was respectful and had a firm handshake.  Hughes was impressed.  Hughes is not easily impressed by teenage boys.

 Also, being student body secretary is hard.  She was the food committee chairperson for this dance.  As the dance approached, I took a lot of naps and deep breaths.  Because I thought I would be cooking for three days straight.
 But I didn't.  She cooked for three days straight.  She planned and she shopped and she cooked.  All I did was hand out recipes and help with ingredients and beam. 
 I did a lot of beaming.
 Oh, and I made the hot chocolate and hauled it to the school.  That was pretty hard.  I boiled lots of water.  I am pretty darn good at boiling water.

Her food was a smashing success.  
And so is she. 
Dear 2:

Keep up the good life, girl.  Keep it up.


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