Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Checklist Four. She Rocked It.

 Remember that 4 switched from dance to All-Star Cheer?  She did.  She is a total rookie and after months and months and months of practice her team had their first competition.  

She was freaking out a little. 

 She shouldn't have.  Whenever that girl gets in front of a crowd she turns it ON.  And I mean ON.
 Round-off back handspring?  Check.  Stunts?  Check.  Jumps? Check.  Being Cute? Check.
 Please enjoy the after and before pics.  Because A) you aren't allowed to take pics during and B) we were so far up in the nosebleeds it wouldn't have mattered.
 And C) Do you think I'm crazy enough to send Hughes out onto a mat full of hundreds of screaming cheerleaders just to get another close-up of 4 during awards?
 D) Yes I am.  And if you didn't know the answer to that before you looked you are dead to me.

 PS.  They Won.  First Place.  Out of numerous teams.  They took it home baby.
Dear 4:

I hope I never forget today.  The way you were squirming with excitement in the stands before it was your turn.  The way you kept waving at me from across the gym to make sure I was looking at you.  The look on your face after you NAILED that round-off back-handspring in the routine. The look on your face as you danced.  And the look on your face when your team won.

It was gold.  Precious gold.

I am so proud of you 4.  Today and Always.


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