Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Checklist Three. The GIGANTIC Announcement.

Our Gigantic Christmas Announcement:  

And her name is Logan.  If you didn't know.  But she will always, always, always be my little 2. 
Since 8th grade, she has been 4'10 1/2".  She hasn't grown in four years.  She was okay with it. She loves her body, loves herself, loves who she is.  Loves her heritage.  (She comes from a loooong line of shorties, on her Dad's side.)

We went to the Dr. last May.  She was, as usual, 4'10 1/2".  We went to the Dr. last month.  She was, to our complete shock, 4'11 1/2".  I made him measure her twice. 
 I pushed the metal thing down myself.  

She grew.

We aren't sure if it is because she quit gymnastics, or because of the intense physical therapy she undergoes which is straightening out her back and hip, which was damaged because of gymnastics.  But it's true.

She grew.

Dear K and J2:

We are coming over to recreate this picture.  So you can stand up straighter.


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