Monday, January 2, 2012

Here It Is. The Post No One Will Actually Get To The End Of But I Need To Document All Of It For My Girls.

 On the flight over: 2 and 3 were in front of us.  This was our view THE ENTIRE WAY.
 First stop we made: The American Girl store on 5th Avenue.  
Where she spent every single cent she had.
And then complained to us the rest of the week because we had let her. 
 Sweetest shot of the trip.  On the floor in the American Girl store.
They all instantly huddled up to help 4 dress Rachel in all of her new clothes. 
 Three little girls having their first ever subway experience.
They had many, many, many more.
We were on that subway all  day, every day.
It was one of my vacation favorites....we had no agenda.
Someone would say, "let's go to Tiffany's!"
And we would get on the subway and go, no matter where we were..... 
 Three little girls in the financial district.
Thanks so much to the stupid "Occupy" hippies who made it necessary for the Bull to be fenced.
Idiot Hippies.
One Highlight not pictured:
When we walked by some "Occupiers" and they tried to give us information.
So I stopped and chatted.
He tried to tell me that CEO's were ruining the world, because they made so much more than the workers.  I asked him why shouldn't they?  Didn't they get the education and put in the years in the company and take the risks and in some cases put everything on the line to start new businesses?  And shouldn't they make more?  Shouldn't all business owners or presidents make more because of those things?  And don't ALL workers in America, and especially on Wall Street, have that same choice?  To do what the CEO's did?
He couldn't answer.
Because he was an IDIOT.
And Hippies have no realistic agenda or argument.
Dear Hippies:  Shut Up. -M

 Another "Occupier" kept saying over and over:"It's racism, It's all racism..."
So we patiently listened to her argument and then I asked isn't it true that the most powerful man in the World is Black?  And isn't it true that the most powerful person in media is a Black WOMAN?  And they both started from nothing.  And couldn't ANYONE do that if they worked hard enough, no matter their color? And while I know that racism does exist BOTH WAYS, most people in this country truly, honestly, truly, honestly don't care what color people are?  
She had no answer. 
Then 2 chimed this in:
(very, very, sweetly and nicely I might add)
She said, my boyfriend is black, so you know where I stand.  And I have been trying for 6 months to look for scholarships for college next year.  And I don't qualify for 90% of them because I'm white.  So I do understand what you mean to a point.
The lady REALLY had nothing to say then.
Disclaimer: I know this is a sensitive subject, but this is my blog, so I can write about it.
 Two little girls in front of Tiffany & Co.
 Three little girls in front of Tiffany & Co.
 Three little girls in the bathroom of Tiffany & Co.
So, so excited to be using the bathroom of Tiffany & Co.
Wish I had pictured: a nice, nice employee who brought them out a Tiffany Christmas card in their own, real, Tiffany bags. 
 Three little girls seeing Times Square for the first time.
We hung out in Times Square every night.  It was always a great way to end the day! 
 Three little girls seeing the Lady.
 Three little girls and me at Ellis Island.
I do have eyes.
Just so you know.
Not sure why it looks like I don't here. 

 Two little girls waiting in line at Macy's Santaland.
That's where the REAL Santa is.
And below:
My obsession with 4's profile continues.
And Santa tells 4 a secret. 

 Three little girls in front of the beautiful Manhattan Temple.
 Three little girls walking down the street in The Bronx.
Disclaimer: If I never go back to The Bronx I will die happy.
And below:
Three little girls and Hughes at Bronx Zoo.  Which was Awesome!
And a family joke. 

 At Madison Square eating at Shake Shack.
So Good. 
 One little girl standing on Roosevelt Island with Manhattan behind her.
Living on Roosevelt Island?  Sign me Up! 
 Me and my  girls at Kleinfeld!  With Antonetta!
At Kleinfeld!
With Antonetta!
At Kleinfeld! 
 Three little girls on the Brooklyn Bridge.
That was a great day. 
 Three little girls waiting their turn to get on the Ice at Rockerfeller Center.
Patiently waiting.
And below:
2 on the ice (circled in red)
and 4 on the ice.
Dear 3:  Where were you when I had my camera out? -Mom 

Three exhausted, overstimulated, worn-out, happy (mostly) girls on the shuttle to LaGuardia to come home.  

Trip Highlights Not Pictured:
Two Words: The Met
The Christmas Decorations in and on the 34th St. Macy's. Unreal. 
So many trips to 5th Avenue
So many trips to Madison Avenue
Fao Schwartz
Toys R Us on Times Square
4 Louis Vuittons
1 Juicy Couture
2 Tiffany necklaces
1 Versace 
The time when Hughes went with 2 to Victoria's Secret to buy a bra.
Don't ask.
Eating at every small Pizza joint in Manhattan.
So Good.
Randomly finding the Kate Spade store.  So Fun.
Randomly finding the Betsey Johnson store.  Crazy.
Seeing the Betsey Johnson decorated Christmas tree in The Plaza.
(I vowed on the spot to have a pink and white tree next year. And trust me, I will.)
Seeing Ground Zero.
Hanging out and drinking hot chocolate at Battery Park.
Watching Hughes get so, so, SO excited when he saw "Mr. Baseball" on our Statue Cruise. 
Spending 8 days in a row with each other, with no interruptions. 

Dear New York:

I'm not sure when we will be back.  We have other places to see, other things to experience. Just know that I will miss you.  And where ever I am, I will secretly wish I were there.


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