Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ch Ch Changes.

 Chango Numero Uno:  Took 4 to Mrs. Officer to get a trim.
4 ended up begging for a chop.
Off came 10 inches.
And this is her money-spot.
I totally think so. 
 2nd Change: Baby got a temporary playmate.  We took in a little boy, X (just for a couple days, I'm not INSANE) exactly 4 days younger than Baby.  I thought Baby would be completely jealous.  Baby isn't jealous.  Baby is having the time of his life.  Not sure X is having the time of his life, as he routinely winds up in exactly this position on the floor getting smothered with wrestling kisses from Baby.
 Change-oh Three-oh: Got a call about a 3 day old newborn boy, S, drove over, picked him up, love, love, love, love him.  He will probably be here only a month or so.  We are so grateful and thrilled to be able to love him and take care of him.  If only for a month.......
Oh.  And Baby is ridiculously jealous of S.
I can't even LOOK at S in Baby's presence.
Baby spends a LOT of time glaring at S. 
Change Four: 2 and 5 sitting on the couch and texting each other.  Just kidding, they aren't texting each other.  We got to have 5 for several days over the break.  We love LOVE love love love love LOVE 5.  

Change is good.
Change is always good, even when it's hard sometimes.
Like two 1 year olds.
It's still good. 

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