Friday, January 6, 2012

Sisters, continued....

These Three.
This is how it usually is.
4 won't pose for me.
2 does dumb stuff because
she is tired of posing for me.
3 pretends to be the epitome of perfectness.
Even though she is the most tiger of them all.
If she is upset.

Immediately after we returned home,
they had to move rooms.
Everyone had to double up.
Even 2, even 3.

We put a cute little toddler bed in 2's room, she made room in her drawers.  C (formerly known as FG) moved in with her.

3 moved back in with 4.

And Baby has his own room.
With an extra crib for whoever comes next.

And S gets his own crib in with Hughes and me.

As we were cleaning and organizing and re-decorating over the space of 3 or 4 days,
a couple quotes happened.
They were good.

Quote #1:
All clothes were dumped in the middle of 3 and 4's floor to be sorted, organized, folded and put in their spot.  Everything has a spot at my house.  If it doesn't have it's own spot, then it doesn't live here any more.


I was making 2 help.  She was sitting on the bed and pretending to help.  She was talking about her upcoming Arizona Junior Miss pageant (more on that later), student council, Mormon Prom, and other such positive subjects.

In the middle of one of her very upbeat sentences, she stopped and yelled: "HEY!  What is my FLAMINGO SOCK doing in here?"  The she marched over, angrily snatched up her flamingo sock, and marched out.  Not to be seen again. 


Quote #2:
I have been nagging 3 and 4 to finish a little sewing project that needed finishing for the last month.  I had told them it had to be done by back to school time.

As we were organizing their room, I spotted the projects, unfinished.

Exasperated, I asked: "What was the ONE thing I asked you guys to do this break?"
2: Clean my room?
3: Huh?
4: With Jazz Hands: Bond!!

Maybe it's not so funny now.  But she dropped what she was doing, and enthusiastically said Bond! While doing jazz hands.

Everything is better when you do jazz hands.

I wish I had a sister. 

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