Thursday, January 12, 2012

Status Report

 Name: 1
Age: 22 (sigh)
Moved In: 1989
Moved Out: 2007
Moved In: 2010 (yay!)
Moved Out: 2011 (no comment)
Status: Happy in Utah, engaged, hopefully succumbing
to the guilt trips I give her to move back here to be with her Mother. 
Fun Fact: 1 was giant until she was in 8th grade. 98th percentile all the way.  
Expected to grow to 6 feet tall.  Stopped growing.  Is a respectable 5'5".  
But still. 

Dear 1:
I miss you.  We miss you.
I miss Carver. We miss Carver.
Come back.
Please come back.

 Name: C
Age: 2.11 1/2 (3 on 1.30)
Moved In: 12.23.10
Still lives here.
Status: Her future life was a mystery.  We have recently learned she will
most likely be reunited with her Dad, 
who lives in Mexico, within the next six months.
We are gearing up for this.  We hope we can 
live through losing her after 1 1/2 to 2 years of
having her in our home and hearts. 
Fun Fact: She would rather get a new shirt
than a toy. She thoroughly enjoys bossing
around 3 and 4.  And her new catch-phrase is
"Check it OUT Mom!"

 Dear C:
Even though I needed another girl like I needed 
to poke my eyes out,
you have been such a blessing in my life. 
You are so happy to be here,
so happy to go bye-bye, 
so happy to play, just so happy.
I will love you forever.

 Name: 3
Age: 12 
Moved In: 9.9.99
Still Lives Here
Status: 3 is everywhere.  She is at club volleyball, her fancy choir 
(check it out at the link below) 
Cello lessons, piano lessons, Beehive activities, 
babysitting everyone in the hood,
friends, baking, cooking, sewing.
Someone shut me up,
I'm sounding like those mothers who drive me crazy
who's kids are "perfect".
But she's close you guys.  Very close.
Fun Fact: By FAR my worst
pregnancy, labor, and delivery.
No one else even comes kind of close.
I guess that's the price you pay to have a kid
who looks like she does.  Seriously.  
Are you looking at her?
K, shutting up now.

Dear 3:
You are going places, girl.
Don't ever doubt yourself.
You really are that awesome.

 Name: Baby
Age: 12 months 
Moved in: 12.16.2010 (3 days old)
Still lives here.  And so help me he
will live here forever.
Because no girl will be good enough for him.
When you see the eyes you will understand.
Status:  We have had two giant court dates,
both went our way.
We have one more, on 1.26.  Please pray for us.
Because this is it.
Then he is ours.
New name, and ours forever.
We plan to bless and seal him the same weekend.
Details will come as soon as we know, don't worry.
Fun Fact:  Baby learned to stand up in the middle of the floor without 
holding on to anything before
he even started to walk.  
Totally backwards.  Also, he runs. 
 I'm not trying to be facetious.  He actually runs, instead of walking.  
We are totally in for it. 

Dear Baby:
You know how I feel about you.  You always have.  
All of those secrets I whisper in your ear are true.  Every word is true.
You are everything we could have hoped for.
I am so excited to watch it unfold, your life.

 Name: X
Age: 12 months 
Moved In: 12.25.2011
Moved Out: 1.4.2012
Status:  One of those one in a million cases where
the removal was unwarranted and he went back to Mom.  
Hopefully he is doing awesome.  He was a handful.  A gorgeous, fun, handful.
Fun Fact:  He spent 98% of the time he was here
being pinned to the ground by Baby. 

Dear X:
I hope your life is Spectacular!

 Name: 2
Age 18 
Moved in: 10.8.1993 
Still lives here. 
Status: 2 is Student Body Secretary at Mesa High, 
a gymnastics coach,
Laurel class president in the HP ward, 
private tumbling and cheer coach, fashion guru,
and a participant in 
Arizona Junior Miss.  Which is a pageant.  
Which is something I thought she would never do.
And she is totally doing it. You go girl!
Fun Fact:  2 very seldom breaks rules.  Weird. 
 A girl of mine being a rule-keeper.
Very weird. 
Except e-mailing her missionary boyfriend on days
when she isn't supposed too.  
She is kind of a rebel when it comes to the boyfriend. 

Dear 2:
Hughes and I were sitting on
the couch the other night.
We were talking about you.
I said to him, "Seriously, name a way she 
could have turned out any better."
He couldn't name a thing.
And neither can I.
You are amazing.
You amaze me.

 Name: S
Age: 2 1/2 weeks
Moved In: 12.26.11 (3 days old)
Still lives here
Status:  S is an unbelievably perfect looking baby.  
It's unreal how beautiful this kid is.  He is also kind of a drama queen. 
 I don't mean that in a gay way, there is just no 
better way to describe him.  He is very dramatic.  It's hilarious.  
S will probably be placed with an Aunt as soon as she completes a home study. 
Fun Fact: S weighed exactly the same as 2 and Baby.  Also, his belly button cord fell off when he was only 5 days old.  Freaked me out a little, but he is fine.  And dramatic.  And fine.

Dear S:
I love you.
Holding you is about the best part of my day.

 Name: 4
Age: 9
Moved in: 4.13.02
Still lives here
Status:  Oh 4.  What a girl.
4 is an all-star cheerleader, 
she plays violin, she plays piano.  She digs Activity Days and hanging with
the kids on the block.  She is obsessed with sewing
and her American Girl doll.  She is currently grounded for getting 
4 B's on her report card. So not cool.
Fun Fact: 4 is crying in 95% of the pictures I have
of her. 4 is smart, intuitive, and a little sneaky.
4 has never, ever, ever smacked off to me or 
been verbally disrespectful.

Dear 4:
Don't ever change.
And when you are looking back at your pictures.
I tried to warn you.  A million times.

Name: R
Age: 2 1/2 months
Moved in: 1.6.12
Moved Out: 1.11.12  at 9 am
Moved In: 1.11.12 at 7 pm
Still lives here.
Status:  Little R came to us at 1 am on a Friday night.  Yesterday they said his removal was unfounded and returned him.  Then called back 8 hours later and said, oops, we removed him again, for reals this time, we are bringing him back.
Fun Fact: This one might be a keeper.  
This one might, maybe, be Baby's little brother.
Fingers crossed.

Dear R:
I will never forget, when we first saw you,
When Hughes lived off your Air Jordan beanie,
the way he giggled.  He giggled!  Just so you know,
Hughes doesn't get giggly around babies.  Ever.
That's how awesome you are.
Don't ever forget.

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