Monday, January 16, 2012

Program My Behind.

So, 2 came home a few months ago, super excited.
2 had been researching college scholarship programs. 
Something we never thought she would have to do.
But we are nothing if not faithful Plan B people. 
She tells me she has found an awesome program to apply too.
Something about an interview, service to the community, grades, talents.
She tells me, "This is something I would be good at, I'm going for it."
I whole heartedly agree.
She tells me there is a parent meeting on such and such a night.
So we go, her and I. 
As soon as we walk into the parent meeting, I know where we are.
Arizona Junior Miss.
A Pageant.
Did you hear me?  A PAGEANT.
2 wants to do a Pageant.
They call it The Distinguished Young Women Program now.
But hm.  
They compete in:
Self Expression (read: formal wear)
People.  It's a Pageant 
It's not that I'm not excited about it, I am.
I remember girls my age competing in AZ Junior Miss.
I wish I would have had the self-esteem to do it.
There is ALOT of scholarship money to be had.

I'm so proud of her.

Dear 2:
I'm so proud of you.

Link to the participant page, ie proof my 2 is a Pageant Girl:

***Thanks to the lovely Mrs. Mosley.  Our ever-faithful family photographer.
And my best friend since 1984.
And my best friend until the end of time. 

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