Thursday, January 19, 2012

She Thinks.

 Me: Does anyone need anything from the store?
4: I need two extra large candy bars.
Me: Elaborate please.
4: Mom! I've been paying G and R
(boys on our street)
to carry my violin and backpack
home from the bus stop.
I have to pay them, gosh.
Me: And so I'm paying them to carry your
stuff home?
4: Not really.  You buy the candy bars and then
I will pay the boys with them.

Told you she was sneaky.

Another boy from the Hood.  Not G, Not R, this is N.

Out of all of my girls, 4 has hands down been the girliest.

Not even a close call.

Do you see how she is accessorized to play outside? 

Yet she is always the one playing outside with/manipulating the neighborhood boys.
Kind of weird for a girl's girl.
But hey, if they are willing to work for candy, who am I to say anything? 

Dear 4:
You make me so happy.
Never change.
Not for anyone.

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