Monday, January 23, 2012

Saturday, January 21, 2012


7:00 AM: Wake Up. Say goodbye to 2, who heads off to pageant practice. Get 4 up (3 is already up, eating breakfast.  3 doesn't believe in sleeping in).

7:10: Feed Baby, Feed C, Feed S, Feed R.  Give everyone baths, including me. Pack diaper bag(s), make C beautiful, get 4 ready to cheer.

8:30: Drop S off with Aunt M, drop R off with Megan S, lecture 3 about babysitting Baby, pack up 4 and C, and head to Phoenix.

9:00: Drop 4 off with her Cheer coach on Camelback and 33 ave in Phoenix.

9:15: Drive back to Val Vista and the 202 for 2's pageant photo shoot.  

10:00:  Help 2 choose her portrait and talent photograph.  Suddenly remember that I teach the lesson tomorrow in Beehives.  Panic.  Thank goodness for my Smart Phone.  Yipee.

10:15: Load up 2 and C, and head back to the Cheer Competition on Cambelback and 33 ave.

10:40: Realize I have no cash, stop at QT, get C a QT corn dog for lunch later, because that's how we roll. 

10:50: Finally make it back to the competition.  Pay THIRTY FIVE dollars for 2 and me to get in.

11:00:  As I'm sitting in my seat, watching teams compete (but not 4 yet) I get a text from my best friend, Mrs. Mosley.  It says "Are you at a cheer competition?  Elizabeth swears she just saw you but that would be crazy."  Elizabeth and Mrs. Mosley and I all went to high school together.  I see Mrs. Mosley all the time.  I haven't seen Elizabeth in 25 years.  I tell her I am there.

11:30:  Meet up with Elizabeth, who, out of all the teams competing, has a daughter on one of the teams competing with 4.  Crazy.  We catch up, gossip, hug.  She looks exactly the same. For a brief moment I truly miss high school.

12:00: Pray (in my head) and study my lesson for tomorrow.  Read it 5 times and google the extra talks.  Then pray again.  Hope no one ever knows how this lesson got prepared.

12:30: Watch 4 compete.  She nailed everything.  Watched Elizabeth's daughter compete, they look good too.  2 and I agree, it's too close to call.

1:30: Hear results......4's team takes first place!  I am happy because if I'm spending money and time I want to be with winners.  If that makes me a stage mom then so be it. Like I always say, If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

2:00: Head home,  gather children.

3:15: Take a deep breath. Dream about the days when I could take a nap.  Briefly wonder if I have completely lost my mind.

3:25: Feed S and R, play with Baby.  Hold Baby.  Hug Baby. Whisper in Baby's ear.

3:45: Commence Saturday work with 3 thrilled girls.  

4:00: Decide to boycott grocery shopping, send Hughes out for milk, bread, cereal and coke zero.  And wipes.

4:15 Watch Baby run around the house doing his thing.  Decide that even if I am a crazy person to start having kids again, at least it's him I get to have.  Tell him I wouldn't have ordered any differently if I could have filled out an order form for him.   

5:00: 3 heads off to babysit the neighbors, takes C with her, the rest of us head to Costa Vida to celebrate the victory.   

6:30: Catch up on the Australian Open.  Even though I am still in mourning about Andy.  Why do such bad things have to happen to such good (looking) people?  Why?

8:00:  Suddenly remember that I am teaching the lesson tomorrow in Beehives.  Panic. Realize I don't have a handout or treats.  Decide to offer/guilt bribe the Hives with a trip to QT on Wednesday instead of a Sunday handout.  Finish the lesson, pack up my tablecloth.

9:00: Put Baby and C to bed.  Best time of the day.

10:00:  Put S and R to bed.  Sit on the couch with Hughes to watch a movie.  Last 13 minutes.  Stumble to bed. Fall asleep.

Dear Me:
You can do this!
I know, I know, you are 20 years older
than last time you were a new mom.
And this time you have older kids too.
Who need you even more now than
they used too. 
And this time you are 40 something.
And always exhausted.
But it's worth it.
I promise.
Try to believe me. 

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