Friday, January 27, 2012

It's Happening.

One day, very very soon, you will get to see his face.

His unforgettable huge brown eyes.

Same exact shade as Hughes.  For reals.

His happy countenance.

Everything about him.  You will get to see everything.

Because it happened.  
Everything that needed to happen in court happened. 
Yesterday was the final, gut-wrenching day. 
As soon as I heard it happen,
all of my emotions just came out.
So unexpected for me.  You don't even know.
I was crying.
Hughes was crying. (not as loud as me, but still) 
Then my caseworker started crying.
Then HIS caseworker.
Then his lawyer.
Then the cps supervisor.
Then the judge. (who is a woman, and a mom)
And we all sat there crying while the details were finished up.

It was pretty crazy.  

But you have to understand.  This is my baby.
From day one he has been my baby.
And everyone in that room had been pulling for us all that time. 

And now the adoption is ON.

It is a sure thing.

Dear Baby:

January 26th.  The first of many, many memorable days in your life.  That is the day your birth parents sadly but willingly decided to let you be a part of our family.  Because they love you.  And they want you to be happy.  Never forget that.  And never forget that we have been praying and hoping for this day since the moment we saw you.  

Next up?  The temple.  
And then you are in it for the long haul.  It's exciting, I know.  We are a very popular family to belong too.  And you have belonged since the very first second.


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