Monday, February 20, 2012

Pageant Girl.

Have you ever known me to be vague?
And this is our family history.
So you are going to get brutal honesty here. 
 21 contestants.
5 categories.
TOUGH competition.
So tough.
Half of these girls could have easily won. 
 4 winners in each category.
A couple girls won one category.
4 girls won two categories.
1 girl won 3 categories, and she won the pageant.
12 ish girls won no categories. 
 2's tally:
Winner in talent.
Winner in fitness.
top 5 overall (she could have been 4th, no way to tell)
2 very large cash scholarships.
 She completely floored us.
Amazing poise.
Perfect talent.
She won talent by the way.
In the middle of her routine, the audience stood up and clapped.
 She also won fitness, as in numero uno.
 And she won my heart all over again.
Dear 2:

Never in a million years could I be more proud of you!  The (only) little girl from inner city Mesa High against all those Mountain View and Highland girls!  Way to represent the hood girl!

You get dreamier every time I think about you.

Love Forever,

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