Friday, February 24, 2012

I Don't Understand.

 I tell myself that she is still so little.
My sweet Precious.
That she isn't getting bigger.
Then I found these pictures.
Not quite 2 years ago.
Look how little she looks!
I can't stand it.
I seriously, seriously can't stand it. 
4's Fun Facts:
She gets "injured" about twice a week. It's the only acting out she has done since being replaced as the youngest.  I give her a pass for all the injuries she wants.
She has been sleeping with the humidifier (self-imposed) for 2 weeks, no idea why.
She has never smack talked me.  Not in ten years.
Is she perfect? Nope.
Does she throw giant fits to her sisters and Hughes? Yep.
But not to me.  Never to me.
Some might call that sneaky.
I call it pretty stinking genius.
She never, ever leaves the house un-accessorized.
And I mean never.
She hates peanut butter and jelly.
Who hates peanut butter and jelly?
She blow dries and straightens her hair every day.
And has for a year.
I think I did 1 and 2's hair until they were in 8th grade.
Not kidding.
She still kisses me on the lips whenever she comes or goes.

And that is why she is my Precious.

I'm going to die when she is a teenager.
I mean it.
I will die. 

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