Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Large Loud Family at Sea World That Everyone Pretends They Aren't Staring At But Really Are.

 What we thought about at Sea World:
 3: Hi Mom!  Is this smile good?  Am I squinting? Can you see my necklace? This is the cutest Elmo fish, right?  Is the rainbow one cuter?  Should I switch? No, this one's cuter.  Okay, you may now take the picture.  You are welcome.
 Hughes: If this picture must be taken, I will look irritated.  Even though I'm so happy to be at Sea World with My Boy that M saw me almost skip once.  No one must ever know this information.  I must look annoyed and underimpressed.  And at times show no emotion.  Even though I am giddy.  I. Will. Tell. Noone.
 4: Is she seriously taking another picture of my profile?  I have told her a million times that this is NOT my good side!  Plus, she made me unaccessorize before we left the hotel room!  I did NOT authorize unaccessorized pictures!  
 4:  Much better, Mother.  Snap away if you must. But please disclose that I attempted to accessorize and was over ruled.  By you.
 C: I want to jump in and be a Dolphin.  I think my Mom will let me. She's always telling me, C! go play outside! 17 hours of Dora in a row is too much! Well, pardon me for feeling a connection with Dora that I don't feel with all of the blue-eyed women in this house.  Sooorrry!!
 A:  Are these people EVER going to stop kissing me 58 thousand times a day?  I get it everybody.  I'm amazing.  Criminy.
 4: No matter how many stuffed animals I score, I somehow only have 5 in my room.  I'm not sure how that keeps happening.  Where are they going?  I'm starting to sense a conspiracy. Wait.  I'm totally being paranoid.  I'm sure it's just a major coincidence that I misplace all of my stuffed animals except for 5.  Since I was 2.  Total coincidence.  No way is anyone going in my room and sneaking them to DI.  No. Way.
 2: OMG!  Thanks for scoring front row seats to the Shamu show Mom!  This is so awesome!  It's so funny that all the other rows were taken but these were wide open!  Why didn't anyone want these seats, don't they know that the front row is the best?  Well, they are all dummies.  These have GOT to be the best seats in the house!  Front and center!  What could possibly go wrong in these amazing front row seats that, apparently, no one else wanted??????  
Me:  Oh little girls, please forgive me.  But what's a little (or a hundred gallons) of water on you when the trade-off is being right next to Shamu?  Totally worth it, right?

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