Monday, March 19, 2012

Sisters. Part 472.

 Oh My GOSH!
Look at Carver!!!
Look at him!
He is perfect.
But this post isn't about him. 
 If you know me at all, you know my most favorite thing in the whole world, is to have my four girls together.  Because they belong together.  And I hope so much that they remember how much they belong together.  Because they do.

And getting together is kind of hard if one of them decides to live in Utah.

Even if it kills her mother dead every day.


 Anyways....we spent the better part of 3 glorious days with 1 and Carver.

Just being together.

Letting Carver play with his Uncle A.

I spent most of my time staring at 1.
Is it strange that she isn't even creeped out by it anymore?

Everybody, 1 is doing awesome.  And she would like people to know that if she knew I was going to take all my pictures on this day, she would have
considered doing her hair.  
So now you know. 

We were leaving a perfect day at the park.
We were walking away.
And 3, who is about 4 inches taller than 2 these days, looked down at her and said:
"How does it feel knowing you will always be my little sister?"
Or something like that. 
And then this happened.
And this is what they are all thinking (in their heads):

1: Hit her 3! Roll over! Get up! Smack her! (1 is, ahem, a tad bit competitive, hence the finger point)

2: I'm going to scare her now because I need to brainwash her into thinking that she isn't bigger and stronger than me.

3: One day I will get you 2.  One day. Even though you seriously scare the crap out of me when you look at me like that.  

4: Why didn't 3 do her hair today?  Should I offer her a bow?  She is going to get a stain on that sweater that won't come out.  I think she should totally get the aqua glasses. I think I'm going to wear my red shirt tomorrow.  Wait.  Do I have a necklace to match my red shirt?  Maybe Mom will get me a necklace later.  I need a slushie.

Dear Little Girls:

Don't ever, ever, ever forget that you belong together.  All four of you.



  1. hey how is jordan doing? she kinda dissappeared off of facebook? and whats the big news :) i love looking at your blog to by the way :) its so cute and funt to read

  2. Hi Sarah! Jordan is doing great....she just got engaged to a nice guy! Yay for nice guys!!! She isn't on facebook because she is in between computers and smart phones for the moment. But I'm sure she will return someday. :)


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