Friday, March 2, 2012

Progress of a Super Star

 Sorry, the adoption isn't final yet.
As soon as it is, trust me, you will see every picture of his face that exists. 
 Now, on to the story.
This is A.
He is destined to be a super star.
What sport?  Not sure yet, but time will tell.
Could be football (every one of my body parts are crossed)
Maybe baseball.
But not boxing.
Not. Boxing.
Are you listening?
Not. Boxing. 
Evidence that A's training is progressing on schedule:

I took him to 2's gym for open play time.  A little girl twice as big as him walked up and shoved him off a mat.  He landed on his butt.  I think he totally caught air.  He looked at her and thought, "Are you crazy or do you love me?"  Then he got up and ran off. 

At open gym play time:  Some big boys (think 5 or 6) were playing kickball on the big mat.  He kept running after the ball and kicking it.  Didn't bother him AT ALL that the ball kept whizzing past his head.  Every time I would move him, back he would go. The ball beaned him a few times, and he thought it was awesome.  He actually laughed.

At the park today he walked up this ramp like he has a thousand times before.  This time, at the top, he leaned over a little too far, flipped frontwards and landed on his back/butt 2 feet below on the sand.  He looked at me, he looked at the sand, he was ticked.  He got up and went right back up the ramp.

Dear Hughes:

Don't worry, this kid is a stud.


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