Wednesday, April 4, 2012

And It Begins.

Adoption update:
We seriously thought this thing would be done by now.

So frustrating.

But alas, there has been a glitch.  Don't panic Grandma(s), it's just a paperwork glitch.

Meaning, the name CPS assigned him, which was his first name and bio mom's last name, and the middle name they thought she said,
isn't the name actually on his birth certificate.

They had the first name right.
The middle name half right.
And the last name dead wrong.

Call me crazy, but maybe cps should start looking at birth certificates before they start assigning names?


So now we are waiting for his name to be corrected in all of the million of systems, even though the second he is adopted he is going to have an entirely different name.

Makes sense right?  Government at its finest.

But I do have to say, our experience with cps for this particular situation has been nothing short of stellar.  The case worker, the judge, the lawyers, they have all been magnificent.  We are forever in love with his case worker....forever! We are so lucky!!

And the name thing is dumb because we have been calling him his new name since December.  Hughes has been calling him his new name (in his head) since last summer.

His caseworker, and my mommy's gut, both told me that December was the right time to change his name in his little world.  The transition went off without a hitch.  Even our neighborhood made the switch super easy!  And now if you called him his old name, he would look at you like you just declared Soccer to be the world's best sport.  In other words, like you were a freaking idiot.

So on we wait.

You will know the second it happens.  And there is nothing to worry about.
Nothing at all.

I promise. 

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