Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Day On The West Side.

 Saturday was kind of crazy.
I woke up, got ready.
Looked at my calendar.
There was only ONE thing.


So, I loaded up one kid.


And off we headed.  To Glendale.
Why Cardinals, Why?  You could have picked anywhere!
Are you trying to kill me?


It was her very last cheer competition of the year.
And it was fitting that we went alone together, she and I.

We talked.  We laughed.  We ate frozen lemonade.
I watched her cheer.
She nailed it, and I have never screamed louder.

We ran into Miss Courtney, a fellow 4th grader at Franklin East, and a formidable competitor.
We cheered for her too.
Dear Courtney:
You are so adorable I could die!  But wouldn't you rather come to our cheer team?  For the uniform switch alone?  I mean, is that the best your gym could come up with? 
Have them call me.

These are the days I live for. 
One on one's with my girls.

Saturday was a great day.


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