Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dear May.

Dear May:

Well, Well.
We meet again, almost.
You sneak up every year.
And hit us smack on the face.
Why doesn't anyone ever tell new Mom's about May?
Everyone goes on and on about December.
How December is so busy.  Just crazy busy.
But we know the truth, don't we May?
You make December look like a leisurely tea party.

(Dear Mom:  I'm still kind of mad at you for never warning
me about May! -M)

But I have made it through 22 Mays being a Mother.
And I will make it through this one.
Through 2 volleyball tournaments, 2 piano recitals, 4 orchestra recitals,
1 dance recital, 1 prom, 1 graduation party, 1GRADUATION,
2 end of the year school parties (I'm class mom in both!)
(what is WRONG with me!!) GIRLS CAMP (still the Beehive advisor) 
choir concerts, cheer parties, packing up a house,
moving a house (more on that later),
I know I'm forgetting stuff May.
And it's mostly your fault.
And all of this on top of our regular schedules.

Shame on you May!
Shame on you!! 


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