Friday, April 27, 2012

The Day Sandy and Danny Go To Morp.

 2 went to Morp.
Her last Morp.
But this won't be about me being all devastated...
This is about 2's tips for a perfect Morp.

When the theme is "Great couples throughout time" or something like that,
and you aren't sure if you even want to go.
And you are kind of in a boy-hating craze right now.
Who should you ask to Morp?

According to 2, you think really hard, and then
ask the boy next door.
Literally, next to us (our neighbor behind)

Because first of all, you have known him since 4th grade and he 
has never, ever, been rude to a girl that you know of.
And that means you can have fun with him
even though you have outlawed boys. 

And if that isn't some kind of record, I don't know what is.

And 2nd of all, you know someone with a Pink Ladies jacket,
and he looks so much like Danny it's almost confusing.

And his teeth are very, very white.

And you go, and it's fun!
And you decide that neighbors and old friends are the best.

And you are the cutest couple at Morp.

And life is good. 

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