Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Day We Had To Start Planning Mutual Activities Again

 Last Fall, it was announced that our Stake would participate in a 4 Stake dance festival.
I was excited for 2 reasons.
a. I never got to do one, and I was so happy that 2 and 3 would.
and b.
Since we would practice almost every week, Mutual night was planned out from January to April.  And that was super exciting. Because, you guessed it, I am the Beehive advisor.  And these are my little Hives....minus sweet Cami who left with her Mom right before we took this picture.

Dear Cami:
I'm sorry, I tried to get a picture with you in it, and I could never get you all together again.  Please, please forgive me.

I love you.

xoxo, Sis H 
 I knew it would be awesome, I did.
But it was REALLY awesome.
Jackrabbit Stadium was full to capacity for both performances.
And it went off without a hitch.
And the kids LOVED it!
Even the Beehives.
Even the Laurels.
And even the Teachers.

But my absolute favorite thing of the entire experience?
Was when 2 cheerfully agreed to be Steven's dance partner.
When all of the other Laurel's were very (rightfully so) determined
to have the cutest, nicest, most amazing boy as their partner.
2 chose Steven.

Steven's leaders were having a hard time finding him a regular
partner.  And Steven needed consistency, because he is
developmentally disabled.  But so awesome!
When she wasn't at practice sometimes (2 is still super busy you guys)
He would wander about, asking everyone..."Have you seen 2?"
"She is my partner" "Have you seen her?" "She has blond hair"
over and over and over 

And when she WAS there, he would light up, he was so happy!

And the night of the actual festival, I could hardly keep tears out of my eyes,
as I watched 2 patiently guide Steven through the dance, even as she was
doing her own moves. 

 MY favorite thing about Steven?
When it was the first practice on the football field,
and he informed 2 that he had to meet her Mother before
he could dance with her.  So she brought him to meet me.
And he told me it wasn't nice to dance with 2 before he
met me.

That was the best. 

One last thing.
LOOK at J3!! 
Are you looking? 
So Handsome. 

Thanks for looking. 

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