Friday, June 15, 2012

Miss Her

 One important fact to know about our family?
We don't camp.
For any reason.

I mean, sometimes the little girls will go with Grandma and Grandpa H to the family
reunion.  But that is it.  And they are always excited to go, but then afterwards 
they swear to never do it again.  But usually they do.

But ANYWAYS.  When I was dating Hughes, I was a little worried.
Hughes is a country boy.
From Thatcher.
That is a small town in Arizona.
Look it up.
So I was kind of worried he would want to drag me into the mountains to camp.
And then I would have to break up with him.


One of the best dates of my life, was when Hughes just randomly said, "Camping is so DUMB...why do I want to go into the mountains and pretend that I am homeless?"

And that is when I knew I was destined to become Mrs. Hughes. 

But back to the story..... 3 went to girls camp with our old ward two weeks ago.
I missed her terribly.

Then I had a week with her.

And then this week she went to girls camp with our new ward.

And I miss her more than last time.

But I have to say, I am proud that she bucked up and went twice.
She almost didn't do it.
Because we DON'T camp.

But she knew it was important and that Heavenly Father would want her
to have the experience and that her Mother would want her to have the
experience and that she would have a great experience.

So she went.  And she will be back tomorrow.
And as soon as she is out of the shower I am going to make her hold hands with
me for an hour and a half.  

And after two weeks of camping, she probably will do it. 

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