Monday, June 18, 2012

I Miss The Screaming The Most

 You may not remember this, 1....but this is around when it REALLY started.
When I realized for reals that you were an athlete.
A crazy athletic athlete.
Softball, basketball, volleyball.
Didn't matter.
You were ridiculous at all of them. 
 I miss the screaming the most.
At all of your games.
I miss you having games year round.
Didn't matter the sport.
I loved the screaming. 
 And then, between basketball and would run track, remember?
Just to have fun and stay in shape?
And I think I miss the track meets the most!
Something you didn't really take seriously...
but that didn't stop you from winning most of your hurdle races
and being invited to invitationals.

Oh 1.  If I would have only known.
If I would have known that out of all of the rest of my girls,
you would be the only all-sport athlete I would have.
I would have screamed louder.

2 excelled at gymnastics, but no screaming allowed there....
3 is going to be a STUD=ette at volleyball, but that is only 4 months a year of screaming
and 4?  she is loving cheer, but she is still figuring it out.

But you, 1.  You had it figured out when you were younger than 4 is now.
You knew.
You knew you wanted to play everything.

And you did.

And I screamed.

And watching you play is still the top of my Motherhood memories so far.

And I miss the screaming the most. 

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