Thursday, June 21, 2012

Shock of My Life

Important things to know about A:

We FINALLY have a court date for adoption....July 26th!
Even though I technically can't show his face yet, I'm getting closer.

His name isn't really A, it doesn't even start with an A.  It's actually a throw-back, super old-fashioned, not really like me at all...and I LOVE it.  And no it's not Henry.  There are already too many Henry's.  But I digress....

He runs around all day with Hughes and says "DAD!" about 106 times a day.
It is hilarious.
If Hughes looks away for a second, A is yelling DAD! to make sure that he is the center of attention.  I think it is adorable until Hughes goes to work and then he follows me around yelling "MOM!"  He doesn't say dada or mama, he never really has.  It's classic. 

He plays on The Farm in shorts and cowboy boots.  Partly because he loves the boots but mostly so his sensitive white-boy skin doesn't get rashes from the grass.

His eyes are the EXACT same weird color as Hughes'.  I don't really believe in signs, and I don't need a sign to know that this baby was destined to be ours.  But it is a weird color, I'm just saying.....

He has never, ever been afraid of the dogs.  They jump and lick and nudge him.  And he loves it.  He also loves carrying baby chicks around by their necks and laying on top of baby R, who is 7 months old, and giggling uncontrollably.  Both of them giggle, that is.

In his head he is 7 1/2.  Whenever there are big boys around, that is where you can find him.  He is waaay to cool for the toddler crowd.  And he could care less if they rough him up.  The rougher, the better.

At his last check up he was in the 75% for height.
We seriously almost threw a party.
Because quarterbacks need to be tall.

On our first day of church in our new ward, when we were all there doing our best to make an awesome first impression, he got kicked out of nursery for biting.  WTH?  I've never had a biter. And now he can only go if Hughes goes with him, until, and I quote, "He can be trusted."  So much for good first impressions.  We will forever be known now as the family with the rebel biter.  When I got Hughes out of Priesthood to tell him what happened, even though we weren't happy about the biting, we were both laughing so hard that he got kicked out on his first day we almost had to go outside.  That's our Boy!

I never thought I wanted a boy.  It's true.  It's been well documented.  Boys are rough and rowdy and messy and loud.  My life is ordered and organized and pretty.  But this little boy has changed me forever. 

 I can't believe I almost missed this.  I can't believe I almost missed him.

I'm so glad I didn't. 

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