Monday, June 25, 2012

Letters To Carver

Dear Carver:

I miss you.
Have I told you before that the sixish months you lived
with me were the best of my life?
They were.
You were so little, and we had never even lived in the
same state as each other.
But still.
When we looked at each other, you knew me.
You knew me as if I had been there every day.

And here we are again.
A state away from each other.
And it makes me sad to be so far apart.
And I asked your Mother if she could part
with you for a week or so, so you could
come and stay and play on the Farm
with your Uncle and Aunts,
and she is thinking about it.
Because she has never been away
from you.  And it's hard for her.

But we need to make her understand, you and I.
We need to make her understand how important we
are to each other.  How much we love each other.

You work on her up there.
And I will do my best parenting guilt trips over the phone.
And we will make it happen.

Because I miss you.
And I love you.
And I miss you.

Be a good boy, Carver.
Do what your Mommy says....

And be happy.
Always be matter what.

Love Forever,
Grandma M 

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