Tuesday, July 24, 2012

And Off They Went

 So last weekend, amid our Saturday chores, playing with babies, grocery shopping, and taking care of the farm animals, we suddenly realized it was time for school.

 In July.

And not even the end of July.

We are now in the Chandler School District, and they adhere to a modified year-round schedule.  So weird.

So Off we went, on a mad rush for school supplies.
3, 4, and I.

With a stop in for some yummy chicken salads.
Of course. 

We had already been collecting new clothes, new sandals, new earrings, new necklaces...pretty much new everything.  Because 3 has had a gigantic growth spurt.

And 4?

4 finally grew out of her 6x and 7 sized clothes.
Now she is in a solid 8.  Sometimes even a 10!
It's pretty exciting, since she is 10.

So they needed everything.
And everything is what they got.

And even though it was shocking for me to be taking their first day of school picture (7th grade for 3 and 5th grade for 4) in JULY....I kind of liked it.

Because they will be in school during the hot summer months and then will get much longer breaks in the Fall, Winter, and Spring.  AKA Arizona Paradise time.

So it's a good thing.  And we all decided we loved it.

And I kissed them goodbye.

And off they went. 

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