Saturday, July 14, 2012

FHE On The Farm

It's been well documented that we don't camp.


 But we DO do smores.

And smores aren't smores without a real-live campfire.
So a real-live campfire was had. 
 And we had FHE outside.
 It was so glorious.
I still can't believe we get to live here.
It really is a dream come true. 
 B loved it too....even though he kept straying off of his carpet.
And getting grass on his butt.
And then getting perturbed over it. 
 And A?  He spent the entire time running
around in his cowboy boots and throwing rocks
and smashing bugs.

And eating chocolate. 
Dear Farm:
You have changed our lives.
I used to be so restless, 
wanting to move to NYC
or San Diego or Austin.

I'm serious.

And I would have.
I honestly would have.

Until I found you.
And our Family is content.
And always will be.

Thank You Farm!!

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