Tuesday, July 3, 2012

So This Is Happening.

1. The minute Hughes leaves for work, no matter the time of day, A stands by the window for at least 25 minutes repeating: Dad. Dad. Dad.     Dad.  Dad.  DAAAAAAD! Dad. Dad.   Dad.
Dad?  DAAAAAAAAAAD!!  Dad.  Dad.  Dad.  I'm not kidding.

2.  Remember him?  I have had him almost his whole life. And he just turned 8 months old last week. He is breathtakingly beautiful, and very popular.  Let's just call him B. He is my new obsession.  I mean, don't get me wrong.  I am still completely obsessed with getting A all legal and seal the deal and everything.  But the writing is on the wall with A.  He is ours.  So on to obsessing about B.  I'm not going to lie, it's looking good.  We will know more at the next court date.....but it's looking good.  He is 10 1/2 months younger than A.  Isn't that perfect?  I mean, I didn't have to be pregnant or give birth, and they are already both here.  So crazy as it is having two boys 10.5 months apart, that's what we have.  A and B love each other so much.  It's so fun to watch them play already.  Even though that consists entirely of A sitting on B, or laying on B, or stepping on B, and B giggling uncontrollably.  And the really, crazy weird thing?  Even though A is white and B is (mostly) black, they totally look alike!  I'm not imagining it.  It's very weird.  So please pray for B.  He has no chance of normalcy with his birth mom, none at all.  So it's okay to pray that he ends up here, with us.  Please pray for him.  He is my baby.  My sweet, sweet, precious boy.  Thank you.

3. One of our bunnies has been lost in the Oleanders for 5 days.  No matter what the girls do to try to trick him back into captivity, it doesn't work, he is too wily.  Irrigation is at 3 am.  I have a hunch he will be showing up on the porch come morning.

4. We are making plans for an awesome trip over Fall Break!  I'm so excited I can't stand it!  We are totally going to San Francisco......YAY!  It's on my bucket list, so I am very happy.  Alcatraz is there, plus lots of good food, so Hughes is happy.  The girls are excited to drive up the PCH, so they are happy.  And Hughes is hoping to shoulder check a few Hippies.  So I guess that makes him double happy.  

5.  I have remembered this week why I have never purchased a sewing machine for myself.  It's because I hate to sew.  Which I remembered while I sewed curtains on Saturday.  It was torture.  And there are SO many more curtains to sew.  And while I was curled up in the fetal position rocking back and forth and crying while thinking about sewing the curtains, I became a genius.  3 needs a PP project.  And she is so totally going to sew the curtains.  And she is so totally excited!  And I was happy that I got to stop rocking and crying.

6.  Hughes and I went to the Temple today.  We did sealings.  It was awesome, as always.  I had prayed before-hand that I would know that I was doing what I should for my little fosters, especially B, since his situation is so yucky.  It is really hard to just want to adopt these little babies when sometimes, objectively speaking, maybe their Mothers should be given a second chance, you know?  So I was worried about B, and I needed to know that he should be ours, and that it was okay for him to be ours.  Now here is the crazy thing.  He is black, as previously mentioned.  And he has a doozer of a name.  Super black, super crazy.  And guess what?  HIS NAME CAME UP IN THE SEALINGS!  Now if that isn't a sign, I don't know what is.  Oh, and I got a super good feeling about it also.  But are you kidding me?  His name?  In the sealings?  Nuts.

7.  When Hughes and I first got to the Temple, before we did anything else, we SCHEDULED A'S SEALING.  Holy cow it is going to happen!!  Can I just say again that I know this baby is mine?  I don't know that I have ever known anything so much in my life.  And as I walked around the corner to go sit at the desk to schedule the sealing, I started bawling like a baby before I even sat down.  And I couldn't even talk the whole time, and Hughes had to do all the talking.  And if you know me, that is not normal.  I was just so overwhelmed with the fact that this baby is mine.  That Heavenly Father has entrusted him to me, and that He has been with me every step of the way until now.  And A will be sealed to us.  Soon.

8.  I FINALLY took the time to scan 1's senior picture into my computer so a proper photo of her can reside on my blog.  My kids know that they better smile pretty for their senior pics, because those babies are going to be on the living room wall and the side of my blog forever.  Lucky for 1, she is gorgeous.  And she smiled pretty.

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