Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Views In The Farm House take 2, aka Pinterest Exhausts Me.

 Remember approximately 3 years ago?
When I moved down Holmes Avenue to a new house?
And I thought I was going to stay there forever?
So I went crazy decorating?
And then we found The Farm and moved again, for good?

I remember too.

 Decorating that house was totally exhausting.


So, when we moved into The Farm House,
I was going to leave everything the same as the old house.

I honestly was.

Every. Single. Room. 

But then I got here, and I couldn't.
And then I was just going to tweak it.

But then I couldn't do that either.

So I redid every room.

Out went the light blue, aqua, kelly green, navy, and white.

In came Charcoal, bright yellow, and dark teal.

And I'm not kidding.
And I don't care what Pinterest tries to tell me to do.

It's not changing for like 8 years.
I mean it.

And stay tuned for other takes of the Farm House.
Because I got to decorate my very first BOY room!!!!!
And 3 new girls rooms that turned out awesome.

Even though I sewed for 9 weeks straight.

And that's all. 

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