Wednesday, September 26, 2012




We had court today for our little Baby B, seen above at 6 months.
(He is really almost 11 months)
And we have news! 

Okay, but before I get started on the Holy Crap news, I have
to tell another, funny, story.

Saturday at the grocery store.
Hughes and I divided and conquered.
 He had  A and B in the cart on the opposite side of the store as me.
A lady came up to him and said "Your boys are SO cute! 
And they look just ALIKE, is your wife ethnic?"   
A has white-blond hair and he is obviously 100% caucasion .
B has brown skin and curly hair and obvious black facial features.
(although, admittedly, he is light-skinned for a black baby) 
And they are 10 months apart.
We don't know either.

But I'm telling you, they do look alike.
It's weird.
And awesome.
But weird.

Okay, now on to the good part.

B's father has never been an option.
B's mother loves him and wanted him back but is struggling.
Last month, CPS changed his status to
"Severance and Adoption"
Sounds exciting, but really, that just means
get ready for 6 months of severance trials and
waiting on paperwork.

Which is what today's court date was supposed to kick off.

So, we were pretty confident that he would
be our newest baby, but we knew it would be
a LONG time.

So we are sitting in court, and it is about to start, and B's lawyer comes
up to us and says "You guys know that both parents are voluntarily 
giving up their rights today, right?"
My mouth dropped open.

Um, No we did not. 

But that is exactly what happened.

Father signed off and went on his merry way.
Mother tearily signed off and hugged us and
then left.

And we sat there stunned.

It's done.

He will be adopted whenever we get a court date, but within 60 days at the latest.

Dear B:
Today literally took my breath away.
Because you are going to be ours forever!
You have been magic in this house, honestly.
You are easily the most popular kid I have ever had.
Sometimes, when I am holding you, I can't
believe how perfect you are.
SO smart.
But sweet.
And so advanced.
And, thankfully, a Mama's boy.
A worships Daddy, but not you.
You are obsessed with me, which is good.
Because I'm obsessed with you too.

You are the most perfect baby and I love you SO much
and I will love you forever.
I'm so grateful for Stephanie, for carrying you and having you.
But I have known since January that I am your mother.

And I am.
I promise that I always have been and I always will be. 

Love Forever,

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