Friday, November 16, 2012

Another View In The Farmhouse

 So you know those people who blog their kids'
awesomely adorable perfect trendy but kind of unfunctional rooms?

This isn't one of those posts.

This post is about 4 and me working together
so that the picture in her pink little head
would come to be her (and Little Miss') room.

and FYI, she always picks pink.
Every. Time.

And even though I am a pink lover myself, sometimes
I run out of ideas.
And sometimes I don't have extra money so
we use everything we already had.
And sometimes I change my mind and spring
for some new fabric for curtains.
And then I'm always glad I did. 

 But it usually ends up okay.
And this time it ended up pretty good.
We collaborated.
We had slight arguments.
We spray painted.
And we sewed. 
 And we went with brown and cream 
zebra fabric for her closet.
I mean, why in the heck wouldn't we?
We also reused her old desk chair (cheetah fabric and all)
and every single thing on the walls came
from somewhere else in our house.

Except her Jordan River Temple Picture.
That is hers, and always has been.
And always will be.

Dear 4:
Stay pink girl!
Always stay pink.
Love Forever,

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