Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dating and Broken Kneecaps

 Okay, before I start...can I just say ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
How on Earth did I score a boy this cute?


Hughes and I date each other.
 At least once a week, sometimes more.

I know, I know.
We have nine kids.
That's right....count 'em up.

But Hughes has a spectacular work schedule.
Well, spectacular for dating anyways.

He works early mornings and evenings...
so he is at home during the middle of the day.
So on the days the babies all go to daycare and
Little Miss goes to school, we are left alone
with only A and ourselves.

And A has a big sister nearby named 1.
1 babysits.
For free.

So we are mid-day daters.
And it is awesome...because lunch is cheaper than dinner,
and matinee's are cheaper too.

And Hughes is 58 1/2 in his soul so that means he
goes to bed at nine and is up at five.  IN THE MORNING.

So afternoon dates work awesome for us. 

 Lately, we have had ALOT of court dates.

Mom, please don't panic.

I'm talking about foster-care related court dates.
We have four foster kidlets......
and they have a lot of court dates, times four.


After court we always go to Ted's Hotdogs in Tempe.
Don't judge until you have eaten there.
I would rather have a Ted's than a Costa Vida.
Yes I'm serious.


Last week A got to come to court AND to Ted's.
So it wasn't really a date....
but it counted anyways.

Hughes and I were together, away from home,
with just 1/9th of the children.

I'm counting it. 
Oh. And Hughes has a broken kneecap.
It is seriously sad, and so painful to watch my Handsome be in pain.
Fingers crossed he doesn't need surgery.....

Dear Hughes:
I love you so much.
When other men your age would be milking this injury for all it's don't.
Work gets done.
Things around the house get done.
Parenting gets done.
Everything, it gets done.
Even when I have to MAKE you sit and still do something.
I am so lucky to be your lucky.
I'm so lucky that your soul is truly 58 1/2.
I'm all for a little male chauvinism, when it
comes to never letting me open a door,
always driving so I don't have to,
taking care of me and taking care of the children...
male chauvinism?  Bring it on!
Only if it's Hughes style though.
Thank you for everything.
You couldn't be better if you tried.
I love you so much.

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