Sunday, December 2, 2012

We Wish You A Merry Christmas #1

 Christmas Decor 2012.

I vowed last year, when dazzled by the
Betsey Johnson decorated tree at
the Plaza in  NYC, that I would have
a pink and red and white Christmas tree.

And so I did.  But then I added in some green.
And it looks awesome! 
 The rest?

The rest I left up to my two Teenager Elves 
and the Almost Tween Elf.....

And it's always hard to decorate in a new house,
because you are used to where everything went in the old house. 
 And it's especially hard to decorate with
nutcrackers in a new house with no fireplace (praise heaven)(but I digress)... 
 But by golly, those little elves totally figured it all out....

and our entire house looks awesome.

Every. Room. 
 And they even made a gingerbread house.

And they may have eaten some of it.

Decorating is EXHAUSTING you guys. 
 But in the end?

They totally rocked it.

Our house looks fireplace and all. 
Dear Teenager Elves and Almost-Tween Elf:

You guys rock my socks!
Santa is going to be totally impressed.
Really, he is.


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